2019 Seminars

Broaden your knowledge with our informative seminar featuring the self-service industry’s most respected though leaders. These seminars will deliver profound knowledge and experience that will enable you to develop your business using successful strategies.


Dr Bernard Parsons MBE

Chief Executive Officer


Securing Digital Transformation

Trends - Challenges - Innovation


Interactive kiosks have become an everyday part of our lives from self-service transactional POS systems through to information points, ticketing systems and biometric stations. Ongoing software innovation is vital in an age that continues to demand additional requirements from enhanced security for resilience and compliance, improved customer experience and more efficient solution manageability.



Hans-Peter Nüdling
Chief Strategy Officer
Posiflex Group


Empowering the Self-Service Ecosystem


As more organizations take advantage of self-service kiosks as part of a broader digital and customer experience (CX) strategy, the orchestration of this strategy is becoming a significant business challenge. Connecting and monitoring multiple devices, including kiosks, across a digital ecosystem requires integration. Enabling AI-capabilities within this ecosystem for CX enhancement adds another layer of complexity. A full solution stack that integrates the application layer with the digital ecosystem and IoT remote monitoring can help solve this challenge and empower organizations with greater efficiencies and stronger performance.


Peter Thompson


The self-service revolution. Why kiosks are only part of the solution


Self-service technology is on the rise everywhere, driven by the machine/human interface. Multiple vertical markets are harnessing this revolution to deliver better customer service and drive revenue. But kiosks are only part of the solution! Find out the rest by registering to attend on the 18th of October


Dean Ward


The new retail landscape - The challenges and opportunities of delivering excellence and cutting through the hype.


Exploring the opportunities businesses face when integrating interactive digital systems, maximising their return on investment and avoiding the common pitfalls.



Lynne Colgan
Store Transformation Consulting


Frictionless Commerce: Winning in the Age of Now


We are moving ever faster forward towards a retail revolution that is combining physical stores with the digital world.  How do we replace today’s high cost tactical experience with a fully flexible checkout?  How do retailers continue on their Store Transformation journey towards a future of convenient checkout options to match shoppers’ needs and desires?  I will explore some examples of how the revolution is enabled and how we can remove some of our current roadblocks with solutions that move us towards a better customer experience.


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